Are In-app Advertisements Worth It?

By on July 20th, 2020

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Let’s be honest, no one likes intrusive ads, especially when they are browsing the internet or an app. Maybe you are even among those who prefer to live in an ad-free world.  But at the same time, we can’t deny that brilliant Ads can work magic. As the best digital marketing agency in Sydney, we have been behind Ads that not only made a difference in consumers’ lives but also impacted the business positively. 

So, it is not that internet users hate all kinds of ads; most of them just have a problem with the intrusive and poorly done ads that promote products and services they are not interested in. That is one of the major reasons why you should consider working with a competent digital marketing company whenever you carry out a digital marketing campaign. 

At Digital Hub Australia, we can help you to come up with effective in-app advertisements. We will make sure that your ads reach an audience that is actually interested in what you have to sell.

But why exactly should businesses use in-app ads? After all, you probably have an advertising strategy in place that is working pretty well. I intend to answer that with this article. So let’s get to it.

1. Click-Through Rates

Users need to click on your ads if your digital advertising campaign is to be effective. A passing glance on your ad banners will rarely get you the conversion rates that you are aiming for.

This is where in-app advertisements outshine advertising on other platforms.

Research data shows that the click-through rates from in-app ads are 0.58 per cent while ads on the web have a measly 0.23 per cent.

Consumers use ad-block apps nowadays when using their browsers, further reducing the effectiveness of web advertising.

That explains in-app ads perform up to 10 times better than ads on the web. Of course, you should hire digital marketing experts in Sydney if you want to make the most out of your in-app advertising campaign.

2. Target The Right Audience

One of the biggest challenges to effective digital advertising is targeting the right audience. You can have an attractive ad with a powerful message, but your efforts will go to waste if you are targeting the wrong audience.

Unless you are working with the best SEO agency in Australia, then your digital Ad campaign will suffer from using a ‘spray and pray’ approach. You will gain little returns from casting a wide net in the hopes of capturing the attention of a handful of users.

In-app advertising offers you an effective solution to this problem.

In-app ads are usually in context with the app that your consumer is using. This makes it more likely that they will be interested in what you are marketing.

You are also able to target a very specific audience, unlike advertising through the web. What makes this possible is the accurate demographic and geo-location data that can be collected from apps.

What’s more, a great digital marketing agency in Australia can help you to time your ads to appear at key stages when users are interacting with their app of choice. This offers a smoother transition, making your ads seem less intrusive.

3. More Time Is Spent On Apps

Another reason that you should consider using in-app advertising for marketing your products is the amount of time that users are spending on their favourite apps.

A few years back, social media applications took up a huge chunk of time that users spent on their devices. Nowadays, users are spending more time on the vast array of stunning mobile apps available today.

Smartphone users are now spending up to 85% of their time spent on their favourite apps and only 15% of their time on the mobile web.

This presents you with a unique opportunity to market your products through in-app advertising. Make sure to hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia if you want your ads to reach the right people at the right time.

4. Mobile Ads Are More Memorable

Your customers are more likely to remember your content if you opt for in-app ads rather than web advertising.

The fact that you can target an audience that is interested in what you have to sell is one of the main reasons why in-app ads are so memorable for consumers. Obviously, this will lead to higher conversion rates from your advertising campaign.

If you make use of SEO services in Sydney, you could have greater results as your ad will be spread far and wide. 

Many industry experts have speculated that in-app advertising is most probably going to be the future of marketing. Looking at every point we have discussed, you can see that this claim has merit. With the availability of affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia, you have absolutely no excuse not to be part of this revolution. At Digital Hub Australia, our experts are ready to engage with you on how to go about this right. Talk to us today to learn more. 

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