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By on December 14th, 2020

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Web design has been evolving at a faster rate. If you haven’t given your website an update in the last few months, chances are it’s already dated. The performance might still be intact but this could change with time. Rather than wait for the signs, take this chance to learn about the techniques you need to incorporate and why you should use the help of the best digital marketing agency in Sydney in revamping it. 

Background Videos

Nearly every great website nowadays has background videos and there is a good reason for this. More people today prefer video to walls of text. They can have a quick and clear understanding of what your organisation stands for and the products you offer from your background video. 

Customers are also more likely to convert faster if they relate with the content on your video. That is actually why every best SEO agency in Sydney uses videos in SEO campaigns because they drive up retention rates, boost conversion rates and make your website SEO friendly. 

SEO experts can help you better integrate background videos in your website. And this is not as simple as you think. For example, if your content isn’t optimised for mobile, your customers won’t have a seamless experience across different platforms. This is part of what our SEO experts at Digital Hub Australia can help you do right. 

Full Page Headers

Does your website have a full page header? If no, then you should hire digital marketing experts in Sydney because you are missing out on a lot. Nothing says modern web design more than a full page header. 

In a nutshell, a full-page header has key text and call-to-action buttons on its left, and attractive images on its right.

Full page headers are great for informing visitors on your website about what you have to offer them. Call-to-action buttons provide customers with a convenient way of signing up for your programs.

Vibrant Colour Schemes

Have you ever wondered why some websites feel more welcoming than others? Colours have a lot to do with how people respond to your website. 

A dull colour scheme could be the reason your site can’t retain customers. Proper use of colours will allow you to create unique user experiences on your website. 

Consult an experienced digital marketing agency in Sydney for help on the colours to use on your website. They will find the right colour scheme for your website and ones that are also unique to your brand. 

You can be sure that customers will remember your website long after they leave.

Hamburger Menus

Don’t we all hate cluttered websites? A busy navigation bar could be the reason why your website feels cramped. A long menu of options might be ideal on big screens, but not on mobile devices.

Hamburger menus are the perfect solution for this sort of mess. A hamburger menu is a hidden menu. It drops to reveal extra information when clicked. This feature makes it possible for you to free a lot of screen real estate.

It’s simple but effective. User experience on your website will improve boosting retention rates in turn. Work with a company that offers quality SEO services in Sydney so as to also improve on other related areas such as white spaces. 


We all want to make our websites unique. Stock images are fast becoming a thing of the past and are gradually being replaced by custom illustrations. 

Illustrations unique to your brand have the effect of making your website welcoming and drawing people to it. 

You can use unique illustrations to lead visitors through the important website pages. Ask your web design expert to create a catalogue of illustrated images unique to your brand. Using these images on different pages of your site will make it stand out more.

Card Design

Pinterest is probably the first site you thought of when you read that. The site might not have pioneered card design but it is the best example of how such an aspect can be used effectively.

Cards are perfect for feeding your customers information in small, understandable chunks. You can use them to showcase many products side by side on your pages. They make it easier for you to manage and present information on your website.

There may be a dozen other web design techniques you can use on your website to optimize its performance but the few we have looked at are the most utilized due to their impact. Here’s a word of caution: Whenever you make use of SEO services in Sydney, always go for an agency that is trusted by many businesses. At Digital Hub Australia, we provide affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia that can be tailored to the unique needs of your business. Get in touch with us to learn more about our web design and development services or get a free quote.

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