Tips On Setting Up An Instagram Shop For Your Ecommerce Brand By The Best Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

By on September 24th, 2020

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Instagram is no longer a social media network where you only share photos and short videos and interact with your audience. It now has a powerful tool that e-commerce brands can leverage to grow their business. Instagram shop, as it’s formally known, offers one of the most unique shopping experiences.

You can benefit from this tool in so many ways, especially when you involve the best digital marketing agency in Sydney in setting up the shop and running it. 

We spoke to our digital marketing experts at Digital Hub Australia on how one can set up this shop and make the best use of it. They shared some great tips with us and we have availed all of them below. 

Make Sure Your Brand Is Eligible

Instagram Shop comes with its own set of rules. So before you jump on it, first find out if your brand is eligible then follow the guidelines as you set up your shop.

For starters, you can’t use Instagram Shop to sell services; it only works for specific physical goods. There are regulations on the type of goods you can sell on this platform. You have to make sure that the products you plan to sell are allowed on the platform before you make your application.

If you have a wide range of products in your catalogue, figuring out which ones are accepted on the platforms will not be a walk in the park. But you can hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to do the heavy lifting for you.

The other mandatory step you should take is converting your profile to an Instagram business profile. This is because only business profiles are eligible for the Instagram Shop.

Emphasise On Visuals

Instagram is a visual platform. One of the most effective approaches to converting potential customers on the platform is through the use of captivating imagery.

For your brand to be successful on Instagram Shop, find a way to tell stories using the images you post of your products. Keep in mind that Instagram users are less likely to convert if your posts come across as commercial advertisements. So make sure that the catalogue of Images you intend to use for your Instagram shop portray the products you intend to sell as being useful to your followers. 

In addition, stay away from photos that have been heavily edited. Instead, go for ones that have an organic feel to them. Your followers are more likely to give in to their buying impulse if they feel that they are part of the story your images tell.

Generally, there are quite a number of e-commerce product image best practices you will have to implement to double your chances of success. Get an experienced digital marketing agency in Australia to help you through the process.

It’s All About The Right Captions

One serious mistake many brands make is overlooking the need for compelling captions in their Instagram Shop posts. Without the right captions, your potential customers won’t be able to find out more about the product. This will then reduce the chances of interested customers purchasing your products even if they are interested in them.

Creative product descriptions complement the captivating images you have posted. Your captions should capture the user’s imagination and trigger them to take action. 

We know that coming up with the perfect captions for every single product you have is not an easy task. But there’s an easier solution to this. Making use of SEO services in Sydney. Any best SEO agency in Australia with experience in Instagram advertising will do a perfect job for you in relation to this. 

Make Use Of Hashtags

Do not be afraid of being generous with the use of hashtags on your Instagram shop posts. Hashtags are a great way to get your products discovered by a huge portion of your potential customers.

Once again, you will have to hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia if you are to make the most of the hashtags on your posts. SEO experts will do deeper research to find the perfect hashtags for your posts and even create new powerful ones for your brand. They will also show you how to make use of the hashtags in a prudent manner to avoid hashtag clutter.

There still more to setting up a successful Instagram Shop. But what we have shared will give you a great head start. Doing this on your own opens you up to a lot of risks. Some of the tasks will require specialised skills, not forgetting to mention the technical aspects. Working with the best SEO agency in Sydney on this will save your e-commerce business from serious pitfalls. At Digital Hub Australia, we have a team of e-commerce experts and other talents ready to help you make the best use of this platform. We also provide many other affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia that your brand could benefit from. Talk to us today to learn more. 

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