5 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are A Great Platform For Marketing Your Business

By on March 2nd, 2020

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Marketers love using Facebook, justifiably so. Of all social networks, it’s the biggest and there’s never a shortage of opportunities businesses could leverage to get ahead and be better. A lot of businesses have used it to build a following for their brand and connect with their customers. Have you?

If not yet, now is the time. It’s absolutely free to join. In fact, there’s a list of more benefits that you will certainly blow your mind. Facebook Advertising is another great addition to this platform. It has worked wonders for businesses of all kinds. Today we’ll show you why you too should get on board.

Ever spared time to look at Facebook usage stats? Here’s a quick overview of some interesting data that should matter to you as a marketer.

Active Facebook users are estimated to be 2.41 billion. Roughly 500,000 people sign up every day, meaning the figure gets higher by the day.  About 50% of the total users are daily active users. On average, they spend 38 minutes a day on this app/site. What’s more, half of the internet users who don’t use it live close to someone who does.

Imagine those numbers! They could be your potential customers.  So far, there are well over 90 million business pages on Facebook. Only 24.6% are active advertisers. Isn’t that an opportunity you could use as you do your social media marketing in Sydney?

Think about the demographics. The scope is really wide – teens, adults, students, working population, high-income earners, you name it. Add on to that an average engagement rate of 3.6% and a click-through rate of 0.9%.

You have the opportunity to reach a wider audience, engage them, and convert them into customers through Facebook Ads.

Incredible Targeting Capabilities

Given the huge number of users available on this platform, Facebook has made it possible for advertisers to sift the users through particular ‘sieves’ that allow them to be left with an audience they consider their target.

When you register to advertise on Facebook, you get the opportunity to reach all sorts of people on this platform. Even better, you can filter your selection based on demographics, location, age, behavior, interest, among other factors.

Once you have narrowed down to the audience that matches your preferences, there are still more targeting options aimed at ensuring your ad gets in front of that specific customer you have in mind. You can assess their purchase activity, travel preferences, life-events, device usage, and so on.

You also have a variety when it comes to ad types. You can choose text, video, photo, canvas, slideshow, carousel, among many others.

Pairing Facebook’s targeting capabilities with all the info the platform can avail from its users makes it an incredible place for businesses with a proper content management plan to advertise.

Useful And Convenient Metrics

Metrics enable you to measure and manage the success of your campaign and also to identify areas that you could improve on in your content marketing strategy. Facebook makes this possible in a very simple way.

All you have to do after setting your ad is, copy the tracking pixel & then add it to your website pages. You can then track the conversions in several ways.

Conversions aside, there are other easily observable metrics such as impressions, frequency, reach, likes, shares, comments, click-through rates, and so on.

Relatively Affordable

Traditional advertising is no doubt expensive and gradually losing its impact. You can share an ad on your Facebook page without investing a single cent, but very few people will come across it, much less those you are targeting. It won’t possibly yield great results. But a paid Facebook Ad can.

Even with as little as $5, you can create a Facebook Ad and it will be shown to people who are likely to be interested. What’s even great is that you can set a budget at the beginning and the platform will stop showing your ad when the limit is reached. You could even throw in a few tricks to lower the cost of your Ad.

Also, important to note is that the Facebook cost-per-click for conversions has been reducing year after year. This should be great news for marketers whose aim is to harness leads or increase sales. Bear in mind that your Ad cost will be determined by things such as Ad placement, relevance score, bidding strategy, Ad schedule and audience.

Easy To Create & Manage

Setting up and managing your Ad on Facebook is quite simple. But that’s not what you may think when you come across the Facebook Ad Manager for the first time.

You can do it without professional help though. Plus, there are plenty of tutorials on the web to take you through this process. But if that sounds like a lot or you simply don’t have the time, a good social media marketing agency in Sydney can take care of everything for you.

But before you get to this point, you will, of course, need to have a couple of things in place – A Facebook Ad strategy, objectives, content marketing strategy, budget, etc.

In Conclusion

Facebook advertising could be the gap between you and business success. If its potential and benefits sound like something your business could use, then go ahead and invest in it. As long as you have a solid plan and strategy, the process of creating an ad for your business will be a lot easier and effective.

However, if you lack the time, resources or skill to create and manage Facebook ads, don’t call it quits. Consider enlisting the help of a digital marketing agency in Sydney specialised in this space.

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