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By on July 9th, 2020

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A while back, personalisation in marketing simply meant adding the first name of your client on an email and voila! You were done. But this isn’t the case any more. The digital age has transformed personalisation into a nuanced field. When done correctly, you will be able to predict what your customers want before they even know it. As you can guess, getting your marketing campaign to this level without working with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney is almost impossible.

At Digital Hub Australia, for instance, we help businesses inject personalisation into their marketing strategy then we fine-tune the technique to perfection. Through this process, we enable them to present the right product to a consumer who needs it when they need it.

Generally, with personalised marketing, you get to improve the level of trust that consumers have for your brand, increasing your chances of successful conversions. But does one put personalisation in practice for their marketing campaign? We answer this by taking an in-depth look at personalisation.

What Do You Need For Personalisation?

You will need the following if you want to personalise your marketing:

  • Relevant data from your consumers.
  • Automated decision making using customer data platforms
  • Distribution of personalised user content.

Let me explain.

By first finding the relevant data on the buying habits of your customers, you can be able to better understand how individual customers approach their purchase process. Since you will be dealing with a lot of data, customer data platforms are critical to the success of your personalisation campaign.

Such platforms will make it possible for you to determine the probability of individual customers interacting with your brand in different scenarios. Lastly, a digital marketing agency in Australia will make your personalisation process a success by using the data collected to target consumers with personalised ads, messages, offers and products.

Digital Marketing Strategies Where Personalisation Can Be Implemented

You can easily implement personalisation in a variety of marketing strategies that you are already using. Some of them include:

1. Email

Thanks to dynamic personalisation, email marketing no longer has to be a drag. You can hire digital marketing experts in Sydney who will work magic for your email marketing campaign.

When done right, email marketing stops being invasive and your consumers can easily consume your content.

What’s more, at Digital Hub Australia, we can tailor your email marketing campaign to target your customers based on their demographics, buying power and spending habits.

This approach reduces the chances of consumers ignoring your message and increases your conversion rates in the process.

2. Video

Personalising a video might seem like a difficult thing to pull off. But when you work with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney, you will be surprised at the results you will get.

By carefully using the data sourced from your customers, digital marketing experts can come up with customised scripts that will be used when recording the videos.

At Digital Hub Australia, we have refined our pipeline of creating personalized video content, making the whole process cost-effective and easy to carry out within time constraints.

The videos can be personalized to refer to the clients by name and we can even go one step further and add details that are specific to individual customers.

Personalised video content is challenging to pull off but if it works, you consumers will feel much closer to your brand, making it absolutely worth it.

3. Digital Advertising

Your internet digital advertising campaign needs personalisation if it is to thrive or else it will crash and burn. 

Statistically, internet users tune out if you target them with advertisements that are not relevant to them.

Personalisation will make customers trust your brand more. When you make adverts more relevant to them by factoring in their interests, this eventually improves their experience with your ads. 

Obviously, there is more to personalising your digital marketing campaign. You can find out more by subscribing to the affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia.

4. Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media has evolved a lot in the past decade and it’s all because of personalisation. You can now target your customers more effectively on social media platforms, thanks to the various personalisation tools that are now available.

A good example of such a tool is Facebook Pixel. It is an analytics tool you can use to measure the effectiveness of your Ad. It gives you a deeper understanding of the actions visitors take on your website. Most marketers used it for retargeting purposes. Once you install it on the back end of your web page, you can target customers on Facebook who did not convert.

To make the most of this, only work with the best SEO agency in Sydney, particularly those who specialise in social media management

Consider this guide as a primer. There is more to personalisation you will want to learn as a business owner or marketer. Hire SEO experts in Australia if you want to know and understand the full potential of this marketing tool. At Digital Hub Australia, we offer a variety of digital marketing services, including SEO services in Sydney that factor in this technique. Our team is ready to listen to you and advice on how you can leverage it. 

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