How to Outrank Your Competitors on Their SEO Strategy

By on December 7th, 2020

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Lagging behind your competitors is a situation none of us wants to go through. We all want to stand out and lead the pack and that can be achieved if you first work with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney. Our SEO experts at Digital Hub Australia helped us come up with this guide on how to beat your competitors on their SEO strategy. Read on to learn.

Analyse Your Competition

You will need to first study your competition before outranking them on their SEO. It would be difficult to outperform them without understanding their approach to SEO. 

Partnering with the best SEO agency in Sydney for the competitor analysis process will improve the accuracy of your results. Such an agency has the resources needed to help you analyse and understand what your top competitors are doing to rank high on the Google SERPs. 

So what should you be looking for? In our experience, you should focus on the following;

  • The content published on competitor sites.
  • Keywords that they rank for.
  • The quality of backlinks that their pages have.

I know what you’re thinking: What if you have a lot of sites to go through? Thankfully, there are SEO tools like Ahrefs that you can use to quickly perform your competitor analysis. 

Remember that even if you choose to carry out the competitor analysis process yourself, consulting the best SEO agency in Australia will allow you to better use the results to your advantage.

Integrate Local SEO

Many businesses that struggle with their rankings on Google SERPs have one thing in common: they pay little to no attention to local SEO. So what is Local SEO and should you be concerned? 

To put it simply, local SEO increases the search visibility of your brick and mortar business. Local SEO differs from regular SEO. It involves claiming a business listing, indexing your website on local listings and allowing user reviews. Improving your local SEO will boost your rank on Google.

If you have no idea how to better run your local SEO, don’t fret. Find an agency that offers affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia. Our experts at Digital Hub Australia can do all the heavy lifting for you.

Create Relevant Content

No matter how good your strategy is or how well you have mastered SEO techniques, your content will never rank high on SERPs unless it is relevant and helpful to your audience. It’s just that simple. So when an SEO expert suggests that you can reach the first page of Google by ‘beating the system’, you better run for the hills.

They could be suggesting black-hat SEO methods, and those could get your website blacklisted or banned. The reason Google is the biggest search engine around is that they offer their users the best results. They have spent years making improvements to their systems, making their search algorithm to better understand the intent behind user queries.

Simply put, the fastest way to outrank your competitors on Google is by creating content that is better than anything they have. I know, this might be a tall order, especially if content creation isn’t one of your strong points.

Make use of SEO services in Sydney if that’s the case. SEO agencies employ experts with the skill and experience required to create high-quality content that is unique to a wide range of businesses, including your own.

Improve Your Backlink Profile

Remember back when the best way to tell if a business was right for you or not was through word of mouth? Well, backlinks have the same exact effect that a good reputation has on a business in real life: boosting customer confidence in the brand.

If a person links back to your site, it means that they trust in the accuracy and quality of the content posted there. 

Backlinks are like a vote of confidence, a site with a good number of high-quality backlinks will rank high since Google knows the content is useful and relevant.

In summary, outranking your competitors on their SEO would be great for your business, but you have to be prepared for a long campaign. You could go at it by yourself, but your business will suffer as SEO is very consuming. Partner with an experienced digital marketing agency in Australia. This will make your work easier and double your chances of receiving greater results. 

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