Does Your Business Need A Social Media Management Team?

By on May 23rd, 2020

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Social media has evolved into a basic need for almost business. And it’s not just the millennials who expect your presence on these platforms. Generation X and Z and even boomers all want to see and interact with your brand online. If you haven’t done it yet, consult with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney on how to do this right. If you have already cracked this, congratulations!

Now, the next thing you will want to ask yourself is, are you doing it right? Are your followers, fans and customers impressed with your online content, replies, responsiveness and look? Are your social media profiles benefiting your business? 

In short, if you feel there’s more you could do to leverage the opportunities these platforms provide, then now’s the time to bring in a social media management team. 

To help you be sure that you need one, we prepared the signs below: 

Signs That It’s A Time To Hire A Social Media Management Team 

  • You miss messages on your social media profiles. This can damage your reputation considering that customer service is a major part of any business. 
  • You are not getting any engagement or it’s low i.e. little to no comments, likes, shares, etc. 
  • You haven’t achieved the goals you set when you joined social media 
  • You lack skills such as writing, video creation, designing graphics, etc.
  • You haven’t completely figured out which platform has your ideal audience or where they spend most of their time.
  • You plan to invest in social media marketing. If you are not knowledgeable and experienced enough to create compelling Ads, you might end up wasting your money and time. 
  • If running both your business and social media makes you work over 50 hours a week. This can affect your productivity and slow your growth. 
  • You lack a complete understanding of how digital marketing works, from strategy and search engine optimisation to competitor analysis, influencer marketing, and so on. 
  • You find it difficult keeping up with social media trends and everything else happening in the digital marketing space. 

If you relate with one or several of these signs, consider that the green light that it’s time to get yourself a social media management team, preferably from a top digital marketing agency in Australia. And since this is another step you also don’t want to go wrong with, here’s a short guide you could use to get yourself a team that’s as experienced, skilled, and competent as ours at Digital Hub Australia. 

How To Find The Best Social Media Management Team 

By now you are aware that managing a social media business account requires a good amount of planning, a lot of discipline and knowledge of all the best practices plus emerging trends. That is the least you should look out for when you hire digital marketing experts in Sydney. The other aspects to consider include: 

1. Good Understanding Of Your Business 

A one-size-fits-all approach to social media management isn’t sustainable. That’s because each brand has its own culture, voice and goals they want to achieve. The social media experts you select should understand this and be ready to align their skills and efforts with your bigger business plan.

2. Ability To Foster And Establish A Solid Relationship WIth Your Audience

Top on the list of things our social media specialists at Digital Hub Australia are usually expected to accomplish is the use of proper strategies to build a loyal online audience. The audience should be the type that they can tap into later to advance a business’s goals. 

How the team you select plans to do this should be your big concern. Have them share how they have been going about this in their other previous jobs. More importantly, ask them to discuss how they plan to engage your audience, interact with them and build meaningful and solid relationships. 

3. Effectiveness In Content Creation 

it’s true that content is king and social media is not an exception. And since a bigger portion of social media work involves content creation, this is an area you will want to be keener on. 

The team you pick should have an excellent track record as effective storytellers. Great stories compel people to act. That’s exactly what your business needs: stories that will make customers buy your products, subscribe to your services, engage with your brand and see themselves as part of it, and so on.  

Also, they should understand what stories to share on the different social media platforms since each is different in terms of what content works best. 

4. Essential Digital Skills 

Essential digital skills for a social media specialist range from optimising technology and analytical abilities to project management, online marketing, creativity in designs, visual skills, just to name a few. All these skills matter when it comes to effective social management. 

Hiring specialists from the best SEO agency in Sydney increases your chances of having social media managers who have an excellent combination of skills that could be helpful to your business. 

5. Crisis Management Skills 

One of the most delicate things about social media is that a simple tweet or Facebook post is enough to build or damage your reputation. If your brand shares something that your audience finds excessively inappropriate, offensive or insensitive, you will want to be sure that the team you hired can effectively manage the crisis that will ensue. This means they should be great at public relations and crisis management. 

6. Flexibility

If you anticipate that at some point your goals and priorities might change, then make sure that the experts you pick can craft a social media strategy that is flexible enough to adapt to any change. This is where their honesty and loyalty will also come into focus since they will have to be part of your corporate meetings that discuss strategies and other aspects that affect your social media strategy. 

Final Word

Armed with all these information, what remains is for you to find that best digital marketing agency in Sydney that will avail a good social media management team to help you take your brand to the next level. You may be tempted to go for those that offer affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia, but don’t let that solely guide you. Consider the rest of the factors we have mentioned as well. You can begin your search at Digital Hub Australia as we already have a competent team ready to listen, answer all your questions and work with you every step of the way until you achieve your goals. 

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