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By on September 3rd, 2020

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Target marketing is all about delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. With a solid audience targeting strategy in place, your digital marketing campaigns will yield impressive results. Speak to any best digital marketing agency in Sydney to learn more on how to do this right. 

In the meantime, we will share tips you will find useful in your efforts to master target marketing. 

Make Use Of Demographics

It’s now easier than before to access demographic information. Search engines and social media platforms can categorise users for you based on factors such as age, gender, language, income, device usage, interests and so on.

When coming up with Ads on these digital marketing channels, demographic data is made available to you in case you plan to reach a particular segment of the population. 

But for you to make the most of demographical marketing, first come up with an audience profile. Fill it with all the details you can gather about your ideal customer. Analyse your competitor’s audience to make the profile more solid. 

Have sufficient data about their behaviour, interests, location, etc so you can have a better understanding of your ideal customer. If you feel like you could use an extra pair of hands in doing this, speak to any best SEO agency in Australia. They will use their expertise and experience to help you gather more data and apply it correctly.

Consider Online Surveys 

Let’s assume you plan to offer business consulting services. Before you start advertising this, you will have to ask yourself questions such as: 

⦁ Is there a ready market for my business consulting services 

⦁ Who is more likely to use my services? 

⦁ Will they be willing to pay for the rate I plan to charge?

⦁ Where can I find them?  

Such information is best accessed through surveys. When you already have an audience or leads, this becomes even easier. 

Send out a survey to a selected sample of your audience. You can use demographic data to narrow down your target audience for the survey. 

In case you don’t where to start, tools such as Google Forms can give you a great headstart. Build your survey using such tools and aim to get as many responses as you can. 

You will realise that the data and information gathered will give you more insight on who to target for your service. 

For more advice and help on how to carry out effective online surveys, we suggest you hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia, especially those who have done this before. 

Optimise Google’s In-Market Audience Feature

This is a powerful feature in Google Ads. It lets you reach users who are keen on finding a particular product or service. With the help of Google’s machine learning, it’s able to scan and analyse millions of search queries and identify website behaviour of search engine users who are looking for a specific product or service. 

Imagine being able to deliver a perfectly tailored Ad or other online messages to a user who is in the process of finding what you offer. 

In-market audiences allows you to do just that. It gives you access to those prospects who are already deep into the purchase funnel and just about to buy the product or service. 

But for your display Ad to convert them, it will need to be compelling and have an irresistible call-to-action. This is where professionals come in. You will need a good digital marketing agency in Australia to help you do this right.

At Digital Hub Australia, we have online marketing experts who specialise in Google Ads and understand how to use the platform to increase your sales, leads and boost your conversions. 

Local SEO 

Search engine algorithms have really advanced in recent years. They are now more perfect than ever at understanding the search intentions of users. This means that if you position yourself well enough to be found by your prospective customer, search engine algorithms will connect you to one.

Right now, over 85% of buyers (both B2C and B2B) begin their buying process online. If you run a local business targeting local customers, you should be optimising your website and other online platforms to be found by your prospective customers. 

Local SEO services in Sydney make it possible for you to rank higher for search terms used by your local audiences. When done well, it will link your business to your target audience, including those with purchasing intentions. 

For you to make the most of this technique, we recommend you work alongside the best SEO agency in Sydney. Such an agency has the skill, experience and capacity to help you realise your local SEO goals.

With these four tips, you are well covered when it comes to targeting the right market for your business. Of course, you can get more tips by speaking to a reliable digital marketing agency. Our team of digital marketing experts at Digital Hub Australia is ready to share more information with you on audience targetting strategies. You are also welcome to check out our afforadable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia and learn how they can be of help to your business. 

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