Tips On Running A Successful PPC Campaign By The Best Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

By on September 14th, 2020

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Pay Per Click (PPC) can help you generate massive awareness for your campaign or brand. But that’s just the start. If you do this well enough, you’ll get quick results, sometimes even within 24 hours. That’s part of what makes it a go-to option for businesses that desire quality faster results for their digital campaigns.  

It gets even better when you hire the best digital marketing agency in Sydney to run the campaigns for you. You will be guaranteed of better results, whichever your marketing goal is. Whether it’s to increase visibility and awareness, identify new leads, boost traffic or achieve higher conversions rates, a professional knows what it takes to realise these goals. 

There’s a lot that goes into creating a successful PPC campaign. Our online marketing experts at Digital Hub Australia let you in on some of the tips you should consider. 

Set A Budget

Before you start a PPC campaign first set aside a budget. Having one in place will make it easier for you to identify what to prioritise. 

A budget will also enable you to correctly measure the success or failure of a PPC campaign. This is done by comparing the amount used and the returns from your campaigns Start with a low budget if you are doing this for the first time. 

Optimise Your Landing Page

This should also be done before you start your PPC campaigns. Make use of SEO services in Sydney in optimising your landing pages. They should be able to leave a lasting impression on your visitors and also be compelling enough to elicit desired actions. 

Create appropriate landing pages for our PPC Ads as well. When users click on the ads, they should not be directed to an unrelated page. This will only increase the bounce rates and draw them away.  

There’s a lot more for you to consider in designing a high converting landing page. Speak to a reliable digital marketing agency in Australia to learn more. 

Do Proper PPC Keyword Research

PPC keyword research is one of the key pillars of pay per click advertising. You want your ads to be displayed to the right people at the right time. Your Ads should not only respond to the needs of the user but also have messages that match their search intent 

That shows you how important it is to get this right.  You can only get more views, organic traffic, conversions and click-throughs when you use the right keywords for your PPC campaigns. 

Go beyond using the obvious keyword research tools. Brainstorm and analyse your competitors as well. But if that sounds like a lot to you, simply hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia to do the keyword research for you.  

Have a Bidding Strategy

The bidding strategy you use for your PPC campaign will play a role in its success. Your choice will determine the level of control you will have over your campaigns, keywords and daily budget allocation.

The two options available include manual and automatic. Consider factors such as the goal of your PPC campaign,  budget and experience with PPC before making a choice. You could choose either or go for a hybrid approach. 

If you lack time, skill or the experience to do this, you have the option to hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to do the bidding for you 

Create a Killer Ad

Once you have set a budget, optimised your website, found proper keywords and decided on a bidding strategy, now start figuring ways to create a killer ad for your PPC campaign.

Learn the keys to a great PPC Ad, some of which include relevance, clarity, use of a unique value proposition and compelling calls-to-action. Double your chances of getting better results by working with the best SEO agency in Australia in creating your PPC Ad. 

Our online marketing experts at Digital Hub Australia know and understand all the steps to launching a successful PPC campaign. We have done this for countless businesses, many of who keep coming back to us for more PPC campaigns. We can do the same for you as well. Get in touch with us to learn more about our pay per click marketing services and their value to your business. You can as well check out our website to explore our affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia.

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